Saturday, June 28, 2014

We're Highjacking the Lead

In the article, some prominent researchers point to the many flaws in the lipid/diet-heart/cholesterol hypothesis and blame refined carbohydrate for soaring rates of overweight and diabetes. Others urge caution in eating saturated fat. Ornish says eating meat will damage the planet. There have been many recent clinical studies exonerating LC diets, but the science has been there since Atkins wrote about his diet in 1972. The end is in sight for the disastrous experiment the government performed on America, and later the rest of the English-speaking world.

*To highjack the lead is to take over the leading in partner dancing.


benboomed said...

I thought the best thing about the article was the accompanying video, which I have sent to several people; it’s a pretty good summary for those who are confused by all of this, and there are a lot of folks in that boat - most people are not reading up on this stuff like some of are.

And I thought the worst thing about the article (well, next to the Ornish appearance) was Time’s failure to admit that Time itself was responsible to a certain extent for the whole situation which it is only now decrying. Time wasn’t the only outlet that trumpeted Keys’ message, but it was the first mainstream “big media” appearance of the “SKY-IS-FALLING-MESSAGE” that Keys had created. It would have been nice if it had at least acknowledged its own part in this lousy situation.

My own father-in-law died as a probable result of his enthusiastic dedication to the no-fat diet. Turns out that pancreatic cancer is exacerbated by such a low fat diet, and that same diet is implicated in the cause of such cancers.

So it's no wonder my own response to the AHA and the others is a resounding FY. As for Time, butter late than never. :-)

Lori Miller said...

The reaction of the store clerk I showed this to when I bought it was, "Now you don't know who to believe."

My mother would be in better shape now if she'd gotten advice years ago to avoid sugar and starch because of her diabetes. Now her vision is deteriorating.