Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It Must Be Allergy Season

That's what I gather from my sniffling, sneezing coworkers. says dust and dander levels are high now. Huh.

I suffered so long and so badly with allergies that it's strange to feel fine while others are going around with sinuses packed tighter than a 200-pound woman in size eight pants. Since I started a wheat-free diet, I've been mostly free of allergies. (My hay fever last year might have been brought on by drinking almond milk laced with carrageenan, a thickener and inflammatory. If your sinuses are inflamed, it won't take much mucus to fill them up.) I also don't use any dairy besides butter; it can cause congestion.

To paraphrase an old saying, nothing tastes as good as a clear head feels.


tess said...

ooh, Lori, you're at the top of your game today! "200-pound woman in size eight pants" -- can't imagine what that might refer to, though.... ;-)

Lori Miller said...

If I were on a high-carb diet, it would refer to me.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hey Tess
Couldn't agree more Lori writing "packed tighter than a 200-pound woman in size eight pants." had me smiling!!
All the best Jan

Lowcarb team member said...

I always feel for those who suffer allergies whether it be food allergy, pollen allergy, dairy allergy etc. You just have to treat it best way you can, sometimes for a few out there easier said than done.

I am still smiling from your comment about the "size eight pants." Wicked as a close friend of mine might say!!

All the best Jan

Lori Miller said...

I've got so much work to do over the next few days that I'm glad I don't have to do it while struggling to breathe, either from allergies or wearing pants where I really need to go up a size. Or more than a size.