Friday, January 25, 2013

The Great Paleo/Low Carb Controversy


Longer version: Out of necessity, I have a foot in both worlds. I pretty much know how I need to eat; I come online to seek out others who eat this way for fellowship. I don't like to argue. I was born old, and now I'm a 43-year-old dowager with no need to agree or convince or get along with everyone.

If someone does well on starchy tubers and lean, dry, tough meat and daily workouts, that's great. (It worked for me for awhile, too.) If they think everybody should be on such a diet, time will take care of that. More likely, most young paleos will take a noncompliant spouse and the paleo diet will go out the window. A lot of them will be reconsidering low carb diets in ten years.


tess said...

the only reason i CAN get my knickers in a twist is when a so-called "expert" gives damaging advice to people who "need" to cut carbs from their lives, and when lies are promoted to protect egos and tenure. :-) this is why SG is my (wanted-)poster-child for bad weight-loss advice, and AC for thyroid. ...i just don't read the mediocre and half-assed anymore!

Lori Miller said...

Putting better information out there is great. People who aren't helped by adding back carbs or running themselves ragged with exercise will seek out that information. But a lot of controversy revolves around cliques and personalities, which I didn't even care about in high school.

Speaking of the good doctor, I was looking over my old posts on the cavity healing diet, and found stuff he'd written about preventing cavities. He suggested a diet "rich in animal foods, particularly full-fat pastured dairy products (if tolerated)," among other things.

tess said...

yes, two or three years ago, i read all his posts and thought well of him -- then he got obsessed with this food-reward BS, and what he wrote went straight to hell. :-( sad.

Lori Miller said...

No doubt there are those who would lose weight if they stopped eating all that rewarding food once they were full. But since that's one of the first things people try anyway, and it doesn't work for a lot of people, I just don't see what the value is.

But I was thinking more of the paleo crowd's problem with LC. Maybe I'm wrong not to care if we're all under one big tent, but that's how I feel.