Sunday, December 2, 2012

Little Meals aren't always Possible

Let me tell you about the assault trial I was involved in.

Last Friday, I showed up for jury duty around 8 AM. Since the court was having some technical difficulties, we had to wait an hour just to get started hearing instructions from the judge. By the time the lawyers got a satisfactory jury put together, it was noon.

The trial commenced after lunch at 1:30. From then until 8 PM, with a few short breaks, we listened to witnesses, arguments, lots of objections, and instructions from the court. We deliberated for about ten minutes and found the defendant not guilty on both charges. We agreed that the evidence just wasn't there (we were surprised the case even got to court), and that the three feuding neighbors deserved each other.

On a day like that, needing frequent little meals would have been a major inconvenience. Our breaks weren't long enough for us to go out for a snack, unless it was to a vending machine. There wasn't anyplace to store food that needed refrigeration. A person could have taken some snacks, but I don't think any of us foresaw being there until 8 PM. Likewise, people in certain occupations face simple matters that turn into long slogs that they can't just take a snack break from: surgeons, fire fighters, police officers, soldiers, parents, and probably dozens of others.

It was fortunate that I when I go out to eat, I get as many calories as I can for my money--probably not what the food fascists intended when they said they wanted calorie counts on McDonald's menus. I got the 790-calorie cheddar-bacon-onion burger and threw away the bun for lunch and had a package of almonds around 6 or 7.

If you're new to low-carb, I threw away the bun for a few reasons, but the important reason here was keeping my blood sugar level stable. Carbohydrates (especially refined ones, like those in a bun) can make your blood sugar spike and then fall an hour or two later, which can make you hungry and/or tired. Limit the carbs, get your energy from fat, eat adequate protein, and you won't need frequent little meals.


tess said...

so true!!! one of the "side effects" of my LCHF diet which i like best is the ability to skip meals without discomfort!

Lori Miller said...

I often hear that among low-carbers. I don't do well skipping meals myself, but I don't get hungry, tired or spacey on three meals a day.

Angel said...

I really can't skip meals either, although I was better able to do so when I first started low carb. Three meals a day really keeps me calm, stable, and productive.

Lori Miller said...

I did fine on two meals a day on vacation last month. But if I go hungry for very long, I end up eating so much I give myself a stomach ache.