Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TMJ and a Cold: Getting Out of Reverse

Between severe episodes of TMJ, an oncoming cold and a mountain of work, I was tired and miserable this time last night. Thank goodness I didn't use any common sense, but, as Tom Naughton would put it, used my functioning brain.

Fifty thousand IU of vitamin D last night strangled the cold in its cradle by mid-morning today. A few doses of Umcka Cold Care probably helped.

My TMJ is back under control. On the assumption that my roaming TMJ pain was from a tension, pain and spasm cycle spiraling out of control, I started taking ibuprofin every few hours. Some extra magnesium might have helped, too. It's needed for proper muscle function, and you can burn through more than usual when you're under a lot of stress. Vitamin D is a natural anti-imflammatory, so it might have helped as well. The TMJ pain started Saturday night after I missed lunch, missed a dose of ibuprofin and worked at the office for a few hours after the heat shut off. I don't do well skipping meals even under the best circumstances, and back in 2007, I noticed that the cold made my TMJ worse. I think the combination of things led to the TMJ episodes.


You'd never know I had oral surgery a week ago. That's from the mouth of my dentist, who gave me my semiannual cleaning and checkup today. He added that my surgeon hit the bull's eye placing the implant--in a small space, no loss. I'm free of cavities and decay, too--even though my teeth were really dingy from my not being able to clean them very well because of my fractured arm, tooth injuries and braces. And from getting into the bad habit not brushing carefully. The antiseptic mouthwash stained my teeth grey, too--my teeth look like they've gone downhill, even though they're fine.

For the TMJ pain, my dentist suggested warm wet towels, avoiding gum, massage, and splint therapy. I told him I'd been through it all, and diet was finally the thing that got it out of reverse.

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