Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Plans for my Dental Implant

Newly planted yellow sundrops line the path to my door. Photo from wildflower.org.

My fractured arm continues to heal. Tonight, I set out 15 plants in my front yard, then stopped only because it was dark. Tomorrow night, I'll plant five clumps of tall grass in place of the large spruce my neighbors cut down. I'm hoping the grass will shade and cool the wild roses and golden currants to the north of them.

Friday, I met with my oral surgeon. As soon as I can get a temporary tooth made, he'll extract the broken tooth and (if possible) implant the titanium screw where the root is now. Down time should be about two days. The temporary tooth will be attached to my braces. It'll take four months to heal, and then my dentist will put in the permanent tooth.

My insurance doesn't cover braces for anyone over age 19, nor does it cover tooth implants. (The alternative to an implant is bridge work, which destroys the two surrounding teeth.) They might make an exception for my braces through my medical insurance since I have them because of an accident. In all fairness, my dental insurance is very cheap--monthly premiums cost less than a day's parking in my building. But I wish major medical insurance (where they only cover, well, major medical expenses and not routine mainenance) were still an option. It was inexpensive and a good deal for someone who didn't need regular medical care, but wanted financial protection in case of a serious condition.

The good news in this is that I'll probably be out of braces sooner than my orthodontist originally thought, and that I won't likely have to have braces on my lower teeth.


Dona Amorim said...

Even though your dental insurance doesn’t cover much dental procedure, the good thing is that they made an exception for your braces. But sorry to hear that they do not cover the tooth implants. Maybe, if your dental plan can be upgraded, it would be a good decision to avail yourself of it, so that it can cover any dental treatment that you might need. Anyway, when will your braces be removed? I hope soon enough, so that you can again smile beautifully without it.

Dona Amorim

Lori Miller said...

Thanks for the kind words, Donna. My braces will have to be on for at least another four months while my implant heals since the temporary tooth is attached to them.

According to what I've heard, insurance typically doesn't cover dental implants, even though they're cheaper in the long run compared to bridge work.

Barry Bates said...

What’s the use of insurance if you can’t get the most out of it when you needed it the most? Maybe you need to upgrade or change your insurance policy. Choose one which covers all treatments regardless of age. Invest your money wisely.

-Barry Bates

Lori Miller said...

Here in the US, dental plans typically don't cover implants. I might as well use my very inexpensive employer plan and invest in vitamin K.

Jerri Franceschi said...

Despite the hassles on finances, it is good that you still opted to have a dental implant. It is true that it may cost a bit, but it would surely help you in a great way. For one, it is the closest thing to a natural tooth, since it is made to look and function like one. And it can also restore proper chewing, so you can enjoy eating food types that may be difficult to chew.[Jerri Franceschi]