Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fibromyalgia Help: Quick & Dirty Version

I've been researching fibromyalgia for the past few weeks and have come to a couple of conclusions. I'll give my reasoning and cite clinical research in a future post.

Step 1. Go on a strict paleo diet (no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no soy, no artificial sweeteners, no seed oils, period). Eat plenty of non-starchy veg, as long as it doesn't interfere with any thyroid or digestive problems. What is a paleo diet? See this. What's left to eat? See this.
Step 2. Avoid large doses of calcium supplements--they interfere with magnesium absorption.
Step 3. If you're on acid blockers, get off of them. They interfere with magnesium absorption, they can lead to other health problems, and they were never meant to be taken indefinitely. See this post to learn how I cured my GERD. Basically, I went on a low carb diet and it cleared up within a few days.
Step 4. Take magnesium supplements. A supplement ending in -ate will be better absorbed than Mg oxide. How much magnesium? If you get diarrhea, you're taking too much.

If you have any health problems, especially thyroid or kidney issues, see your endocrinologist before starting supplements. However, I'm not aware of any reason that a paleo diet would be harmful to anyone, and getting off acid blockers can only help you--if you don't overindulge in carbohydrates.


tess said...

i'm a fan of systemic enzymes, too. :-)

Lori Miller said...

Good to know, Tess. But this leads to the question, What makes the enzymes necessary in the first place?