Monday, February 20, 2012

Good News about a Binge Eater

Last month I blogged about my friend's grandson "James," a ten-year-old binge eater who was nearly 40 pounds overweight. James's grandmother is a force to be reckoned with; I've been whispering in her ear. She's been reading books from my health collection, and then some: Why We Get Fat, The New Atkins for a New You, Heartburn Cured, The Vegetarian Myth, and Slow Burn. I also mentioned Dr. Atkins' advice for binge eating, which he treated: binge on protein and fat. Disabused of the notion that fat is bad and eating less is good, she's gotten James some snacks like Crystal Light (a no-calorie drink), boiled eggs, celery and peanut butter and apples and yogurt, and labeled them with his name. It seems he's caught on to low-carbing: his grandmother saw that when he fixed a plate for himself, he skipped the hamburger bun and just took meat and salad. She said he played outside all day Sunday (he didn't have that energy before) and looks well. He thanked her for what he called the "good snacks" and said he felt good. No word of any more pop cans or candy wrappers in James's room.

That's not all. Even though James's brothers can have cookies and Pop-Tarts, they've asked for the snacks James is having. His father mentioned he needed to do something about his own weight as well, so the whole family may soon be on the low-carb (or at least reduced carb) train.

There's more. James's grandmother convinced a friend of the family to cut out the sugary sodas and fruit punch for the sake of his health. Over the past few weeks, this friend has lost 13 pounds, reduced his need for acid reflux medication, and had to tell a couple of ladies he was already spoken for.

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