Friday, November 26, 2010

A Shout-out from Jimmy Moore

I'm feeling a bit puffed up, but not from overindulging on Thanksgiving. (My indulgence was expensive red snapper and other low-carb fare.) Jimmy Moore, author of the Livin' la Vida Low Carb blog, has recommended my blog, among several others, to his readers:

As has become my tradition when I leave for vacation, I have searched far and wide for the best and brightest new and exciting low-carb diet and health blogs on the planet that have come on my radar screen in recent months. Many of these feature the talented writing skills of people you should probably be paying more attention to which is why I like giving them a boost featuring them here at my blog.

Moore's blog features interviews, podcasts, videos and links on health and diet. The focus is on low-carb, but he interviews people with other viewpoints as well. He himself struggled with a weight problem: 1999 I did an ultra low-fat (almost no-fat) diet because we have always been taught that eating fat makes you fat and I did surprisingly well on it losing 170 pounds in just nine months. But there was only one problem–I was constantly hungry which made me irritable, tired, and feeling like I was going out of my mind! And my stomach was so bloated and big I felt like I was a lot WORSE off than I was before my weight loss. One day my wife Christine asked me if I would go to McDonald’s and get her an extra value meal and I asked her if I could have a Big Mac meal “just this one time.” Anyone who has ever been fat knows what happened next.

Hmmm. Substitute 20 pounds for 170 and cookies for a Big Mac, and that sounds familiar. I was on a low-fat diet as well once and gained all the weight back myself.

A few years later Moore did the Atkins diet--as directed by Dr. Atkins, not the unlimited-bacon-cheeseburgers-and-hold-the-lettuce version of urban legend.

By the end of the first month after beginning my New Year’s resolution to lose weight in January 2004, I had shed a total of 30 pounds. HOLY COW!!! At the end of the second month, another 40 pounds were gone and by the time I had been on Atkins for 100 days, over 100 pounds were gone forever from my body. Words simply cannot describe how I felt going through this incredible journey and I will never be the same again. Although it wasn’t an easy road by any stretch of the imagination, I am so thankful I found the healthy low-carb lifestyle because I went on to lose a total of 180 pounds that year. More importantly than my weight loss, though, is the fact that low-carb living gave me my health back. All of those prescriptions I was taking for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and breathing problems were all history within nine months of being on the Atkins diet. And to this day, I have yet to take another medication for any health ailment. WOO HOO! Who says your health doesn’t improve on the low-carb lifestyle?

I basically did the Atkins Diet too and got off of acid blockers and shed 20 pounds. My lipids improved, too. At age 41, I feel like I'm 20. I go out dancing on school nights, I weigh what I weighed in high school, and I feel great.

I encourage you to check out Moore's blog:

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