Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Real News

A photo I took in 2013 was posted by Tom Naughton on Twitter, and some people are wondering if it's a fake. Nope. It's a real hospital menu from Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, Colorado.

I didn't mention their name before because I have no axe to grind with them and hospitals are all about alike. In fact, I went to their ER in 2015 when I stepped on a nail. I got x-rayed, got the nail yanked out--but I didn't eat their food. Basically, I stay away from doctors unless there's something wrong with me that doctors are good at fixing--like a nail sticking out of my foot.

Besides, why would I take an hour or so to make up a phony hospital menu? In 2013, I had a full-time job (two people replaced me when I left), a long commute, two aging parents who needed my help, and a hundred-year-old house to take care of. My idea of relaxation was playing video games, watching Netflix or taking a nap. And if I were to phony up a menu, I'd at least spell the words right. It's buffalo chili (not Chile, which is a country) and demi-glace, not Demi Glaze, which sounds like a pop star. 

It wasn't that long ago that low-fat grains, margarine and sugar were considered a good diet for diabetics, cardiac patients and everyone else. Oh wait, authorities still think they are! And it's authorities who decide what goes on the hospital menu.