Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Freakin' Fabulous Pâté

I'll admit it: even though my dietary requirements include organ meat, it was a chore to eat it...and you know what happens when that's the case. I ended up eating Atkins bars instead of liver. Partly, I've been too busy the past few weeks to eat many home-cooked meals, but mostly, there are a lot of things--even on Atkins induction--that I'd rather eat than liver.

Last Saturday, needing some wind in my sails after a few weeks of family emergencies, uncluttering my parents' house with a room temperature of 85 degrees, and being too wound up to get much sleep, I checked out a book called Freakin' Fabulous by Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear and The Chew.

Just looking at the pictures at red lights on the drive home inspired me to stop at the store--the grocery store. I knew Kelly was a stylist, but didn't know he could cook, too. He's quite the meat eater--his good looks attest to that. That, and it sounds like he eats little or no junk food. I don't suppose the Fabulous munch on Fritos. Even though he thinks fat is bad, he's no ascetic--in fact, almost all the recipes are low-carb if you forget about the crostini. The Freakin' Fabulous Four recipes (hollandaise, roasted chicken, french omelette, and nice vinaigrette) are all fat and protein.

I set to work in the kitchen over the weekend. The little pancetta/lettuce/goat cheese rolls were one of the tastiest, easiest snacks I've made. For the first time, I roasted a tender, juicy chicken with a crispy skin. Tonight, I made the best pâté I've ever eaten, anywhere. And it was the fastest, easiest I've ever made! I did add two tablespoons of butter and skip the anchovies because I don't like them. I accidentally burned the onions because I'm not used to frying with olive oil. Even so, the burned onions smelled good, so I proceeded. It turned out beautifully. Clinton's recipe is now THE recipe for pâté in this house.

I'm planning to try the recipe for salmon mousse. Since it calls for a packet of gelatin, an ingredient some readers here have a surprisingly wide and deep knowledge of, I'll provide details on how it turns out.


tess said...

inspiring! :-) I might have to get a copy myself!

Lori Miller said...

At the very least, it's worth checking out from the library.

The section on clutter and most collections being un-fabulous was dead on. I hope to never see another collection of dolls, roosters, guns, coins, stuffed animals, costume jewelry, tennis shoes, sheets, tractors, pocket knives, or anything else my parents have collected over the years.

Lowcarb team member said...

Salmon mousse sound's great - look forward to your update.

All the best Jan