Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hollandaise Sauce: It Finally Worked!

A piece of toast, creamed spinach, a poached egg, and what have you got? Egg on spinach. But take a big spoonful of hollandaise and mask that egg and you have oeufs poch├ęs florentine. -Julia Child

After a number of failed attempts over the years to make hollandaise sauce, I finally looked up Julia Child on Youtube and copied her method. Result: instead of bits of cooked egg, the eggs, butter and lemon juice turned into smooth, creamy, delicious hollandaise sauce.

If you want Eggs Florentine or Eggs Benedict, there's an excellent low carb, grain-free bread recipe in The Fat Fast Cookbook by Dana Carpender. Toast a piece of bread (I broil mine for three minutes on each side 4" from the flame), serve with creamed spinach, smoked salmon, ham or bacon (I broil the bacon along with the bread), and you have a breakfast worthy of a gourmet.


Lowcarb team member said...

"smooth, creamy, delicious hollandaise sauce" ...yes it does sound delicious ...thanks for the tips Lori - will definitely check it out.

All the best Jan

Galina L. said...

It is always a pleasure to watch Julia's videos. I also found Alton Brown instructions to be complitely fool-proof (but I never use any caiene pepper there).
I also pre-cut my butter on 12 pieces.

Lori Miller said...

I hadn't heard of Alton Brown. I'll check him out.