Saturday, January 11, 2014

Beautiful, Comfortable Shoes II

The previous shoe-buying excursion was a flop. The mary janes that felt fine on in the store rubbed my left foot almost raw and I had to make a long trip out to the suburbs to return the other pair I ordered at the store.

While I waited to have my tire repaired this afternoon, I walked to a different shoe store and bought these and a few other pairs:

Rebecca Black Net from Beautifeel. Image from
Sensing a live one, three salesmen gathered round and brought out every size 38 Beautifeel shoe in stock. It reminded me of The Great Happiness Space. The shoes cost some serious coin, but I've had Beautifeel shoes before and I wear them for years in comfort. These will probably cost me around $1 per wearing; the shoes from Dillards cost me $60 for one wearing, minus whatever I can get from a consignment store for them.

If you like Beautifeel, it might be time to stock up since they're changing the lasts to be more narrow and pointed and less comfortable, just like almost every other shoe out there.


Lowcarb team member said...

Not sure if my previous comment came through ok?

But these shoes do look great.

Nowadays when buying shoes I go for comfort all the time - high heels are a thing of the past - not that I would call these high. But my last pair of shoes had a shorter heel than those.

Buying shoes, buying jeans - that I'm happy with is not normally a five minute shopping excursion. Is anyone else like me and likes to try on various styles and sizes so I know everything is just right?

All the best Jan

Lori Miller said...

Didn't receive a previous message.

Beautifeel Frances is super-comfy. And I wore my last pair for several years; they're too beaten up now to wear to the office.

A good place to see what jeans fit is a thrift store since they have so many sizes and styles.