Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eating and Sleeping Little

I never gave much thought to food reward, but lunch today reminded me of it. I sat down to burger with bacon and salsa--the salsa's made from a 40-year-old secret family recipe, said the girl I bought it from, cole slaw, and sweet potato fries cooked in lard. Delicious! But I'm halfway through it and I can't eat another bite. I was really hungry, too. Looks like it's leftovers for dinner.

Maybe tubers and cabbage aren't rewarding. But aren't bacon, lard and sweetener (in the dressing) supposed to be?

Before low-carb, I could eat a bag of cookies at one go--and would most Saturdays (getting an early start on my free day). If someone in the office ordered pizza while we were working late, people knew they'd better not get between me and the pizza.

I haven't kept up my plan for getting to bed early, but good news: without the flavored coffee (flavored with chemicals and with solvents), I'm feeling so much better that I've been doing fine staying up until 11:00 or midnight.

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