Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chocolate for Stoics

Have you seen those Dove chocolates with dreamy, self-indulgent phrases inside the wrapper? Or the Chocolove bars with poems in the wrapper? I have a similar idea: very dark chocolate pieces, a little bitter, with Stoic phrases in the wrapper.

  • Soldier on!
  • Hug someone--it could be the last time
  • Steel yourself
  • Have you insulted yourself today?
  • Quit buying useless crap
  • Tolerate someone detestable
  • Chin up!
  • Accept the inevitable
  • Make do and mend
  • Throw yourself into your work
  • Enjoy what you already have

Five percent of profits would go to Urban Peak, the only homeless youth shelter in Denver (population two million). Phrases benefit readers inundated with buy now, pay later, get more, indulge yourself messages of the mainstream media.


tess said...

I LOVE IT! :-)

off-topic, i have a tubful of chicken livers draining in my sink right now, and i'm planning to make sanguinaccia (sp?) today!

Lori Miller said...


The sanguinaccio will definitely be a change from meat and salad.

Exceptionally Brash said...

make do and mend? That's my favorite addiction!!

Lori Miller said...

I just got a comforter set that came with seven pillow shams. Seven! I'm stuffing them with platic bags and old clothes--I'll be darned if I'm going to buy a bunch of pillows.