Sunday, May 2, 2010

These Blogs are Some Awesome Blogs!

I'd like to share some really outstanding health-related blogs with you. All of these bloggers struggled with the health problems they write about. All of them go by science and results, not the dogma that is common in some areas of medicine. All of these authors have helped me and my family in some way: Dr. Eades' blog informed me that excess carbs were the cause of my acid reflux; Dr. Davis's blog has been a lifesaver for my diabetic mother; Tom Naughton's blog usually makes me laugh. If you like their messages, most of them have books or movies (in some cases, free e-books and newsletters) for your reference or that of friends and family who aren't on the Internet. Happy reading!

Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist, focuses on preventive medicine. He writes quite a bit about diabetes as well. If you'd rather make lifestyle changes than have heart surgery, this blog may interest you.
Dr. Michael Eades, co-author of Protein Power, writes about low-carb living.
Across the pond, Dr. John Briffa blogs about a wide variety of health topics. His focus is on good diet and holistic remedies.
Jenny Ruhl, a diabetic and technical writer, blogs about diabetic treatment, diet, and medical studies. The blog gets very technical, but the take-home message is that most information on diabetes given by doctors and health organizations is a lot of baloney.
Speaking of baloney, Tom Naughton, a computer programmer, writes a laugh-out-loud funny blog about diet and related public policy. He made an independent film called Fat Head: You've Been Fed a Lot of Bologna in which he lost weight by eating nothing but fast food and using his functioning brain. See clips here--they're priceless.
Sami Paju, a business student in Finland, writes about diet and fitness, among other things. He has a way of making complicated subjects easy to understand, and he doesn't have anything to sell you.

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